Our Food

The Burgerly Glossary:

“Feeling Burgerly”:
that “I Need a Burger feeling” / #burger #Love / the reason You’re here
Burger Mop:
A fun reduction sauce that imparts everything you find in a great steak right there in our burger pat
Savory Onions:
julienned & sauteed’ sweet onions / seasoned till savory / herbaceous finish
Dressed Patty:
dressed patty is our 6oz. burger / seared to medium (med rare & well done available) / brushed with our house-made mop / topped with our savory onions / tucked underneath properly melted cheese
Burger Sauce:
our sweet onion aioli / a mayo-based sauce to complement all of the flavors found in our burgers / the perfect finishing touch with our fantastic toasted Brioche roll
House Bacon:
a fun take on Canadian bacon / 3 day brine / apple wood smoked / sliced & griddled with our BBQ rub
Sweet Pickle:
hand cut / hand pickled / a nice sweetness & touch of spice to even out your Burgerly feelings
Pickled Cabbage:
Think of an elevated pickliz / red cabbage & julienne carrot / marinated with herbs & love with a nice spice
Sauce Flight
A nice selection of 6 of our house made sauces, perfect to dip your fries in or taste our various flavors on your first time here

Our Featured Menu Items

menu 1.jpg


our classic American cheeseburger / savory onions / sweet pickles / burger sauce

menu 2.jpg


dressed patty / Havarti / tomato & fresh greens / sweet pickles / burger sauce

menu 3.jpg


dressed patty / Havarti / tomato & fresh greens / griddled shrooms / house Canadian bacon / spicy BBQ Sauce

menu 4.jpg


house marinade / panko crust / house Canadian bacon / Havarti / tomato & fresh greens / sweet pickle / hot sauce aioli

menu 5.jpg


classic dog / pulled BBQ brisket chili / pickled cabbage / spicy mayo

menu 6.jpg


skin-on spuds / double-fried / pink sea salt

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