Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Burgers

At The Burgerly, a burger joint in New Hope, PA, we understand the struggle of getting kids to eat their burgers. It can be a challenge to convince them to try new flavors or even finish a meal. That's why we've come up with some helpful tips to make burger time a little easier. With our suggestions, you can ensure that your little ones not only enjoy their meal but also develop a love for burgers. Check out our kids' burgers today!

Tips to get your kids to eat burgers infographic
kids at burger joint

Get Them Involved

Firstly, involve your children in the burger-making process. Take them grocery shopping with you and let them choose their favorite toppings. This will make them feel like active participants in the meal preparation, increasing their interest and excitement. Here at The Burgerly, kids choose their own toppings to make a customized burger they'll love.

burgers at the burgerly

Make it Appealing

Secondly, make the burger presentation appealing. Get creative with the toppings and arrange them in a fun way on the burger. Use colorful veggies like tomatoes and lettuce to make it visually appealing. Kids are more likely to eat something that looks appetizing. At our New Hope burger joint, you can choose from onions, sauces, cheeses, and so much more.

burgers being topped in restaurant kitchen

Let Them Try Flavors Slowly

Thirdly, introduce new flavors gradually. Start with milder toppings and gradually add more adventurous options. For example, if your child is used to plain cheeseburgers, try adding some grilled onions or mushrooms. That way, they can gradually get accustomed to different tastes without feeling overwhelmed.

kids at burger restaurant

Eat as a Family

Finally, make burger time a family affair. Our hamburger restaurant is proud to be a family-style restaurant, serving not only great food but also great memories. Visit as a family and enjoy our signature flavors you'll love.


At The Burgerly, we strive to make dining a memorable experience for the entire family. By following these tips, you can ensure that your kids not only eat their burgers but also develop a love for them. Visit our burger restaurant in New Hope, PA, and discover a wide variety of delicious burgers that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters. We can't wait to serve you and your family!

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