Discover the Delicious History of The Burgerly: A New Hope Gem

New Hope’s best burgers are found at The Burgerly. Here, friendship meets flavor at a whole new level. Our masterful creations are the gem of New Hope dining, and we have a wide menu that is sure to satisfy every craving. Continue reading to learn about the history of the Burgerly, and make sure to come in for a bite next time you are in town! Contact us with any questions!



At the heart of the Burgerly is a strong foundation of friendship. The concept of our restaurant was created by Zach and Mark, who have been great friends for a long time. Their unique and adventurous friendship with a taste for good food motivated them to bring a new flavor and vibe to New Hope.



Mark McLean has been a private chef and caterer for over a decade, and now his skills elevate The Burgerly kitchen into a masterpiece full of flavor. Mark’s specialized creations use the finest ingredients for upscale burgers that serve pure enjoyment. Check out Mark’s menu to see his creativity for yourself!



To match Mark’s creative flavor, Zack Glover adds a unique flare to our New Hope restaurant. Thoughtfully crafted and carefully chosen, Zack custom designed The Burgerly with unique antique elements and elegant touches for a special environment. Restaurant environments can make a big impact on your dining experience, and Zack’s dedication to our interior design has made The Burgerly that can be enjoyed by all.



Together, Mark and Zack have worked hard to create a fun dining experience that you will never forget. From our made-to-order menu and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, The Burgerly has become the gem of New Hope.

It all started with friendship, so let’s keep the fun going and have a bite with us! Come discover our delicious menu for yourself, and plan a trip to New Hope for a wonderful dining experience at The Burgerly!

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