4 Must-Try Burgers You Can't Live Without

Nothing beats a delicious burger joint that brings a unique style to the food they serve. With quality ingredients, multiple combinations, and an atmosphere like no other in New Hope, PA, The Burgerly offers the best burgers in town! We offer a wide selection of burger options that our customers love, and in the following read, we will go over four of our must-try burgers that will leave you wanting more. Come pay us a visit today. We are excited to see you!

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The Burgerly

Sound familiar? The Burgerly is our signature burger and is a classic American cheeseburger that everyone will love. It begins with a beautifully golden bun, followed by a perfectly seasoned and cooked patty. Next comes the best part of any cheeseburger, the cheese, which is melted to perfection! To continue the savory goodness, we add onion, sweet pickle, and a burger sauce that’s second to none.

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The Amazing

Named after the amazing feeling you will get once you take a bite, The Amazing is a popular option among burger lovers that visit us! A well-dressed patty is the star of the show, as our fresh, never-frozen beef is seasoned well and cooked to perfection. Along with beautifully melted Havarti cheese, fresh greens, sweet pickles, and our signature burger sauce, this gourmet burger is one you need to try.

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The Wonderful

The Wonderful is named after the wonderful combination of ingredients that bring this burger to life. Once again, we begin with a deliciously warm bun that is accompanied by a savory and well-seasoned patty. Similar to The Amazing, decadent Havarti cheese goes atop the burger to create a scrumptious taste we all can enjoy. The toppings are where things come together, as we add grilled mushrooms, house Canadian bacon, fresh greens, and our delicious BBQ sauce, creating a mouth-watering flavor profile you will love!

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New Hope Chicken Burger

We can't forget about the chicken! Chicken sandwiches have been all the rave the last few years, and we want in on the action. With a deliciously marinated chicken breast that is beautifully coated with panko crust, there is no better way to enjoy a chicken burger. Along with Havarti cheese, Canadian bacon, fresh tomatoes, greens, sweet pickles, and our signature hot sauce aioli, we have changed the way to enjoy a chicken sandwich!

Visit our The Burgerly location in New Hope today to try one of these four delicious burger options. We offer various seasoned fries options to perfectly pair with any burger, as we strive to provide you with the ultimate gourmet burger experience!

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